About us

CPM is your partner that turns Human Resources Management (HRM) into a strategic tool to achieve your company’s objectives.

CPM, a brief introduction

Innovative human resources management settled comfortably on the psychologist’s familiar couch is CPM’s strength. Our foundation is thorough, reputable, and tested; our spirit is flexible, agile, and open-minded. We are simultaneously experts and pioneers. An old hat in the business with a stubborn, disruptive character; that’s us.

We don’t throw things away; our 40 years of expertise have proved their merit and are fairly unique. But we also don’t cling to things needlessly. Because if there’s one thing that continuously evolves, it’s humans. And that is precisely our core business: people. Passionate people. Driven people. Entrepreneurial people. People who invest in the future. People who want to create something from scratch. People who achieve growth. Active people. People who want to progress.

The greatest thing is to bring all these people together and then to watch them move forward as a united driving force. As a unit. And as individuals. At that point, our mission is a success.
CPM was established in 1980. We have continued to become even more specialised in human resources management in those years. And we’ve always had the ambition to further modernise HRM. This is how we have built up our expertise and expanded upon the right capacities to become a valuable, transparent HRM partner for you.
CPM has more than 30 experienced consultants in Belgium who are active and specialise in various sectors.

Our vision, mission, and values

CPM wants to help managers with HR responsibilities to remove the most significant HR-related obstacles that are keeping the corporate results from reaching their full potential.


Our network

CPM wants to remove your worries and the worries of your company concerning your human capital, and will do so. After all, we’re old pros at HRM.


Our business model

CPM will improve the performance of your company at every level today. CPM will contribute to obtaining your corporate ambitions tomorrow.


CPM Management

Christine Van Velthoven, Managing Director, has outlined the course that CPM is taking. Christine has always advocated for HRM in the boardroom as a tool to achieve company strategies and make human ideals possible at work.



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