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There’s no end to the CFR conference thanks to Skype

26 March 2019
CFR searchers are fully involved in ‘Active sourcing’. After all, that seminar, as it was given at the CFR Global Executive Search global conference, was repeated via Skype for those who were not there.

Follow-up audit of RSS quality label: Feedback from companies and candidates is crucial

26 March 2019
Federgon conscientiously re-evaluates within the framework of its RSS quality label. 2019 is the follow-up audit year. A big thank you to all of our clients for your honest feedback because it helps determine the value of this label.

I always like to refer back to the CPM report of the past

28 January 2019
“The CPM report on the assessment I went through back in 1995 as part of my application for a job at Barco is still in my drawer. I’ve referred back to it multiple times over the years.

We recruit globally for the food and agri sector

25 January 2019

Did you know that CPM can also do this for you?

CPM has specialist recruiters in its ranks, people who have an above-average understanding of how to detect talent for a specific sector by focusing on that sector.  For example, CPM can rely on 40 years of experience in recruiting and selecting management and executive profiles for the food and agricultural sector. This not only concerns filling local job openings in that sector, but we can also help fill international jobs, thanks to our partnership with CFR Global Executive Search

RSS, Federgon's Quality Label

21 November 2018
CPM, Federgon RSS Quality Label ambassador

Federgon puts the RSS Quality Label on quality, transparency, deontology and privacy in HR service provision. CPM, your HR partner, is a proud ambassador for this label.


The leader above and beyond one size fits all

21 November 2018
Leadership, the next step
Is there really anything more to say about leadership? Absolutely. Many analyses and insights talk about thé leadership and thé leader. But one leadership role is not the other. General insights into leadership must be weighted for each specific job. And this is all too often forgotten. Delegating, for example, is not equally important for every manager or supervisor. The same applies to ‘is creative’, ‘is well-organised’, ‘is visibly present’, etc. which are not equally important in every leadership role. There is clearly a need for ‘leadership, the next step’ and CPM took on the task: they developed a leadership trajectory that takes the competences generally considered essential for a leader and weights them based on each particular leadership role. The right leader in the right place; that is the challenge. We have a trajectory for that now, one that closely involves both management and the participant.

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