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RSS, Federgon's Quality Label

21 November 2018
CPM, Federgon RSS Quality Label ambassador

Federgon puts the RSS Quality Label on quality, transparency, deontology and privacy in HR service provision. CPM, your HR partner, is a proud ambassador for this label.


The leader above and beyond one size fits all

21 November 2018
Leadership, the next step
Is there really anything more to say about leadership? Absolutely. Many analyses and insights talk about thé leadership and thé leader. But one leadership role is not the other. General insights into leadership must be weighted for each specific job. And this is all too often forgotten. Delegating, for example, is not equally important for every manager or supervisor. The same applies to ‘is creative’, ‘is well-organised’, ‘is visibly present’, etc. which are not equally important in every leadership role. There is clearly a need for ‘leadership, the next step’ and CPM took on the task: they developed a leadership trajectory that takes the competences generally considered essential for a leader and weights them based on each particular leadership role. The right leader in the right place; that is the challenge. We have a trajectory for that now, one that closely involves both management and the participant.

Assessors’ Day

21 November 2018

CPM clients walked a day in an assessor’s shoes

Kristel Sijmens, Hanne Wuidart, Sarah Bols

On Friday 21 September CPM organised an Assessors’ Day at its office in Melle. Our clients were invited to participate in an ‘assessment’ theme day. Sarah Bols: “This was our first Assessors’ Day, but the idea came from our CPM colleagues in the Netherlands, where it has already been tested. I went there to listen and was really surprised at the questions clients had. They had so many questions about assessments, many more than we had realised. That is why we decided to organise our own Assessors’ Day, to bridge any communication gaps there might be between client and assessor.”

The importance and urgency of talent development

19 November 2018
Increasing complexity, skills shortages, and constant pressure on costs are just three reasons for prioritising organization-wide talent development – that is, learning and development that upskills people, increases their engagement with organizational success, and prepares them for the challenges on the horizon.

Boost your productivity – and your team’s – by speaking with charisma

16 November 2018
Passion and energy are contagious. Speaking with charisma will help you to inspire and excite your followers and call them to action. But if your speaking style is flat and unengaging, people will stop paying attention, and they won’t remember what you said. Perhaps you are shy or get nervous when presenting to a large audience. Perhaps you are not passionate about the topic or you don’t care about the company’s vision. Or perhaps you often feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed, and you come across to others as having no energy.

Why leaders need to re-think their mind-sets

13 November 2018

I fully endorse the article by Christian Frei, “Why 2/3 of companies won't survive the 4th industrial revolution”. Our experience in Scala over recent years with public and private sector clients has given us clear evidence that when embarking on cultural change there can be a tendency to over-complicate, create too much bureaucracy, and spend too much time talking and planning. Paralysis by analysis is the clichéd term. Moreover, we have found there is often a deep fear of innovation and choice of solution tends to fall on the tried and tested.

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