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Job Date 4.0 demo illustrates the direction in which recruitment is evolving

08 October 2019
About HR: algorithm or gut feeling?
In order to solve any complicated problem, you can expect that today’s humans will use all the advantages of machine learning technology. However, in practice, both companies and applicants are still somewhat reluctant to analyse people using computers.

Candidate and RQRY surprise DrivOlution

08 October 2019
The four founders of DrivOlution each took on part of the management at the start of their company: commercial, admin/financial, operational, and IT. When two of them started to explore other horizons in mid-2018, there were two vacancies to fill: commercial director and financial director. The job ad was ready, but it never got published.

RQRY, the 4.0 recruitment solution. Evidence-based, of course...

08 October 2019
Engineers don’t like speculative solutions. Of course they don’t. Not even when they apply for a job or when they go out for a promotion. That’s why we have RQRY, the reassuring recruitment solution for both companies and candidates.

CPM launches the SmartFIT approach to executive searches

11 August 2019
CPM was looking for a practical and smart standard because we know it’s important to substantiate and document every step of the executive search thoroughly and professionally. From now on, we will support our executive search with the SmartFITTM approach.

Is a job opening video a good idea? Then we’ll do it!

11 August 2019

Job advertisement video

At CPM, we continue to do new things, too, if that’s what our clients need. For example, we recently supported a job opening with a job opening video... We make what it takes!

There’s no end to the CFR conference thanks to Skype

26 March 2019
CFR searchers are fully involved in ‘Active sourcing’. After all, that seminar, as it was given at the CFR Global Executive Search global conference, was repeated via Skype for those who were not there.

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