Why not get to know Lola, a tool that helps identify your career options?

15 March 2022
Choosing the right job is important. Professor Filip De Fruyt, one of the creators of Lola, explains what exactly this tool consists of and what its benefits are.

Screening 100 applicants? Not a problem for CPM

24 January 2022
Screening a hundred applicants to decide which of them will be offered a permanent or temporary position can be quite the challenge – yet one that companies are often faced with. Fortunately, CPM has them covered. While special attention is required for screenings like these, the foundation of professional testing remains the same.

Tom Janssen (ITZU Career): “Sustainable recruitment? Recruitment agencies make all the difference”

26 November 2021
A company is only as good as its people, so you want to recruit candidates who are willing and able to grow along with your organization. Yet the talent pool is overfished, and the circumstances in which you are working to achieve your business goals are far from ideal. But when the going gets tough … it’s experts like Tom Janssen, COO at ITZU Career, to the rescue. We got in touch with Tom and asked him all about the added value of recruitment agencies when it comes to sustainable recruitment.

The flipped classroom: the perfect course for Roxell managers

09 September 2021
For several years now, Roxell has counted on its loyal partner, CPM, for selection and recruitment. In 2018, they asked if we would be willing to co-sponsor the training of their management team. We had no qualms about saying yes, even with a pandemic threatening to throw a spanner in the works. Keen to know the secret to this success story? The flipped classroom.

An assessment creates confidence in how a vacancy will be filled

02 June 2021
Vzw De Bolster has been relying on CPM for the recruitment of new employees for over 15 years. Vzw De Bolster is a facility for adults with a mental disability and/or a non-congenital brain injury. The non-profit organisation has made it its mission to help shape the lives of its clients with support where needed, with respect for everyone’s life story, and with an eye for everyone’s qualities.

What does JCDecaux think of Pinsight? Testimonials from Nathalie Baert and Nicolas De Laet

31 March 2021

JCDecaux uses the Pinsight assessment tool to recruit sales profiles.

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