How can you expedite and objectify your selection process?

06 February 2020

A recruitment process always has two sides: the company and the candidates. And it’s an important moment for both of them, which they both hope will be as optimal as possible. CPM likes to tackle that. We recently started doing this with the latest support platform for recruiters: RQRY (pronounced ‘requiry’). 

Benefit 1: Selection procedure based on strong profile

The ideal candidate has the right diploma, several years of relevant experience, has mastered several languages, is a team player, works independently, is open to challenges, is passionate about the job, eager to learn, communicative etc. Ask a company what kind of person they’re looking for and you’ll get a long list describing their perfect candidate. Now, ask three different people exactly what they mean by ‘communicative’ or what they mean by ‘team player’, and you’ll get three different interpretations. You can only start your selection procedure in RQRY based on a clear, pre-selected profile.

If the profile is a basket of balls...

Christine Van Velthoven: “I like to use the basket of balls as a metaphor for the profile of a vacancy. Have different people compile the profile/basket for the same vacancy and no two baskets will be the same. The ball combinations will differ in terms of numbers, size, and colours. And in many cases, there will be even more balls than fit in the basket. If there is no clarity and agreement about the basket/profile, so how can you expect the basket/profile to be filled as desired? RQRY pushes its users to come to a single profile/basket that has been clearly defined: so many balls of that colour and that size is what we want. Recruiting employees is simply much more efficient.”

Benefit 2: accelerate your recruitment procedure

Responding quickly is another RQRY plus. To start with, the candidate receives an invitation for an interview shortly after sending his or her CV and cover letter in, or they don’t. And after the interview, he or she also gets a much quicker – almost immediate – decision about whether or not they are moving on to the next phase. This is possible because RQRY is an online, digital tool, which means that the recruiter can enter feedback in real time, during the interview, on a tablet in a user-friendly interface.

Christine Van Velthoven: “Response speed is more important than ever. The best candidates are highly sought after because talent is scarce. Being able to make a decision quickly can make the difference between bringing the candidate in or missing out.”

Do you want to recruit employees in a fast and objective manner? Let CPM introduce you to RQRY.

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