Merel assesses her potential online

11 March 2021

A Pinsight® testimonial

Merel Degroote, who recently finished her master’s degree in Bioscience Engineering, didn’t want to miss ie-net’s first virtual job fair for the world. And her enthusiasm paid off! At the (digital) CPM booth, Merel was the lucky winner of a personal Pinsight® online assessment. She took it… and she scored.

Pinsight®: online first

Merel: “I’ve done assessments before, as part of the job interview process. Due to the pandemic, a lot of these tests obviously take place online. Still, Pinsight® immediately felt different. Clearly, this  wasn’t a standard assessment which they had moved online simply because the circumstances dictated it. It’s a fully web-based assessment, with its own, dedicated platform. And that makes all the difference.”

Preparation is key

Merel: “For me, perhaps the best thing about Pinsight® is the fact you can come prepared. With the previous assessments I took, I had no idea what to expect. Pinsight®, by contrast, gives you a lot of information, as well as the opportunity to browse the platform and relevant documents beforehand. In other words, you can settle in and decide for yourself when you’re ready to take the actual test.”

Authentic feel

Merel: “The test itself felt very ‘real’, like I was actually on the job. That created some pressure for me, personally. You can see the time ticking away in the background – it’s pretty thrilling, to be honest.”

Every recent graduate should take a Pinsight® assessment

Merel: “Even with a degree, most people tend to enter the job market feeling rather unprepared. But because this assessment was fictional (rather than part of an actual job interview), there was no need for me to feel nervous – a fantastic position to be in. In fact, I believe that everyone who first starts looking for a job should get the chance to try something similar. The experience is incredibly helpful in managing the stress that inevitably comes with taking an assessment for the very first time. I now have a more clear image of my potential and of who I am as a person.

(P)insight into strengths and weaknesses

Merel: “CPM walked me through the entire Pinsight® report as well, providing lots of interesting information on both my strengths and weaknesses. It goes without saying that an assessment like this is important for employers, but I believe employees also benefit from it tremendously.”

A word of advice for Pinsight® users

Merel: “In hindsight, I think I could have done better. But that’s just because of who I am and the situation I was in at the time when I took the test. Because I was in the middle of interviewing for a new job, I was not fully focused on the assessment. That’s why I would advise other participants to prepare well in advance, to concentrate on the tasks and to simply be themselves. Then everything will turn out just fine.”

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