Naar deze kenmerken moet u op zoek in een recruitmentbureau

17 March 2021
Wat zo fijn is aan plannen maken, is dat ze mogen beginnen met dromen. Het is perfect oké om in de showroom bij een autodealer even achter het stuur van een sportieve tweezitter te schuiven, goed wetende dat u finaal een degelijke, praktische gezinswagen nodig hebt. Dromen mag, als het moment maar komt waarop u denkt: “en nu serieus”. Zo is het ook met rekruteren. U mag dromen, maar als het recruitmentbureau erbij komt, daar begint “en nu serieus”. Uw ideale recruitmentbureau is vooral een serieuze partner die met oplossingen komt.

Parcifal Van Gucht, training to be a business psychologist

11 March 2021

Parcifal Van Gucht is doing his second master’s degree in business psychology. As part of his studies, Parcifal has been doing an apprenticeship at Resolved/ CPM, from September 2020 until March 2021. Now that we have someone working here (on a virtual basis of course) from the next generation, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to ask the business psychologist of the future about plans and expectations. Although Parcifal naturally does not represent everyone from his generation, it still gives us an interesting sneak preview.

Merel assesses her potential online

11 March 2021
Merel Degroote, who recently finished her master’s degree in Bioscience Engineering, didn’t want to miss ie-net’s first virtual job fair for the world. And her enthusiasm paid off! At the (digital) CPM booth, Merel was the lucky winner of a personal Pinsight® online assessment. She took it… and she scored.

New structure, new HRM opportunities

02 March 2021

Canon offers its customers the most advanced technologies for image processing. The company has been in existence for 80 years and operates internationally and in various markets, such as consumer imaging, medical equipment, and industrial products. The brand’s core is expressed in the corporate philosophy, which is summed up in the Japanese word ‘Kyosei’, i.e. “living and working together for the common good”.


Pinsight, Nissan’s preferred employee evaluation tool

01 March 2021
"By using the Pinsight tool, I have had to change my mind about assessment and development centres. All too often, such potential assessments are limited to characterising an employee by a certain category or colour, but people are much more than that and Pinsight takes that into account. That’s why Nissan now uses Pinsight, an assessment tool for potential assessment and development centres, which is appreciated by both managers and employees,” says Ruud van Etteger, Senior HR Business Partner at Nissan Benelux.

Resolved adds ‘well-being’ to constraint-based scheduling

08 December 2020
Getting the right talent in the right place is one challenge; keeping that talent there, preferably happy and motivated, is an even greater challenge. The fact that a factor such as well-being was seldom taken into account when drawing up work schedules is not so much a question of not wanting to address this, but rather an economic issue. Manually drawing up the schedule with classical parameters is a time-consuming task in itself.

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