The impact of COVID-19 on the engineer’s job (opportunities)

03 December 2020
In the run-up to Engineering Week, the engineers’ association ie-net launched a survey among both engineers and companies about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the job and especially the job opportunities of the engineer.

CPM thanks candidates for their feedback

28 October 2020
Anyone taking part in an assessment at CPM will be asked to evaluate the progress of the assessment via an online survey. We all know how short the days can be and how long the list of things to do, so we find it everything but a matter-of-course that people should take their time for that evaluation. That is why we would like to say once again, very clearly: we greatly appreciate this feedback!

IFTech organisational development : Structure, not hierarchy

28 October 2020
IFTech is a high-tech company specialising in geothermal energy installations. IFTech is a small team for large customers: DEME, the Van Roey Group, AGC, etc.  Fourteen stellar techies, mainly engineers, work here. Raf Schildermans is Director of IFTech. At one point, in the first growth phase after start-up, Raf was the General, Sales, and Operations Director of IFTech and employed eleven people. We could speak of a flat structure, but in fact, there wasn’t really a structure: everyone worked on projects. The organisation of IFTech seemed to arrange itself in a primarily organically manner and was a bottleneck rather than a basis for further growth.

CPM Antwerp has moved

08 September 2020
CPM Antwerp was able to move into this fabulous office villa on the Prins Boudewijnlaan in Kontich on 1 July.

From customer experience to candidate experience

08 September 2020
What company doesn’t have ‘the customer is key’ in its mission statement? Just as you use customer experience in the commercial process, you can also use candidate experience in the recruitment process. But we, as HR partners of very different companies, rarely see the latter happen. The profile of vacancies does state being able to work independently, a sense of responsibility, team spirit, etc. But as long as candidates are applicants, it is precisely passivity and docility that is assumed. The entire recruitment process seems to take place above their heads. However, how a candidate experiences your recruitment process can be decisive for its success.
CPM | PinSight

Baloise candidates unanimously positive about online assessment

26 May 2020
Four people recruited by Baloise Insurance during the corona crisis describe their Pinsight® online assessment experience.

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