When people work together, this creates a unique cooperation process. The team is more than the sum of its parts.

Team coaching
Teams can struggle with how they operate and/or mutual relations. Every team has its own group dynamic, influenced by themes that are often just below the ‘surface’. CPM coaches teams in defining their own themes. Better insight is often the key to better communication, more unity, and a positive, inspiring atmosphere.
Individual coaching
Individual employees can benefit from an individualised path towards developing certain behavioural competences. CPM coaches your employees towards long-lasting, acceptable behavioural changes.

360° feedback
Being open to feedback is an essential condition for continuous education. CPM developed a structured survey that employees can use to have other colleagues assess them in the specific working environment. We will then assist the employee individually in understanding this feedback and thus gaining insights into the perceptions of others concerning how he/she works. This is usually a clarifying exercise that provides a new perspective on one’s own strengths and areas for development.
CPM expertly encourages people to gain better insights into their own working methods.

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