Development centre

A learning context is created for the participant in a development centre, with the goal of mapping out their own strengths and points for development. An integrated set of tools is used to do this.

A first, important component is the simulation exercises. The participant is given a file with a simulated corporate context, his/her role, and a specific task. The setting that tests the relevant competences is specifically selected. The consultant coaches the participant after the exercise so that he/she gains better insight into his/her personal strengths and points for development. 

A second component includes surveys and cognitive analytical tests, with the results being discussed in an interview.
This interview is the third component. It is a competence-oriented interview, during which the CPM consultant integrates the various observations. At this point, a link is also made to how the individual functions in the current job and exactly where the priority development needs are located is assessed. Motivation, ambition, and learning style are taken into account here. This gives rise to a personal development plan (PDP). 

A personal development plan (PDP) is a customised developmental or learning plan benefiting personal development. A number of goals and the relevant learning activities are set out in this plan. Naturally, the goals and activities align with the person and his/her ambitions, as well as the company’s strategy and its options.

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