Apply spontaneously

Of course, you can always submit your CV on the CPM website so that we can keep you updated about potential opportunities. Our consultants will contact you once they have been assigned a job that matches your profile. However, our code of conduct will not allow us to do this should you work for one of our customers.

So please remember that it is in your own interests to fill in the necessary information as accurately as possible. This way, we can accurately select the appropriate jobs.
Has your situation changed? You maintain control of your CV, so you can always make changes to it.

How can I fill in my CV?

Click the link to register. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in. Provide information that is as relevant as possible. This way, we can thoroughly assess your request and needs. 

How can I change my CV?

After you have registered online, we will send you an email with the confirmation of your CV, login, and password. You can use these later to log in via our website. 

How can you apply for a job?

Log in with your user name and password to view our job offers and immediately apply if you want. The CPM consultant handling the relevant job opening will be informed of your job application via our automated mailing system. You will also be sent a confirmation email concerning your job application.

By uploading your CV here, it means you are open to a job that will make the most of your talents.


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