Career Radar

The Career Radar Survey offers valuable insights into what you expect from your career and provides strategies to make that career path a reality.  

What do I want? Insight into your values

Your values give a good picture of what you want from a job and your working environment in order to experience happiness, success, and satisfaction. The more your values coincide with those of the organisation for which you work, the more motivated, satisfied, and involved you will be.

With the help of Ghent University, CPM developed a unique survey that focuses your values. The feedback is personal and, in addition to information about the perfect job, it also contains information about the perfect working environment, tips about your leadership potential, and how you and your team work best together.

How do I get there? Strategies for proactive behaviour

When it comes to your career, you can’t just sit around and wait for the right opportunities to cross your path. Anticipation is the key. Your career path, both your current professional role and future jobs, will definitely benefit from this proactive behaviour.
Moreover, this survey compares your personal score to others like you, provides you with an explanation of a good strategy, and how you can more successfully focus on this in the future.

Ambassadors: inspiration for your career path

The Career Radar matches your profile with testimonials from ambassadors-employees working for some of the best employers. These testimonials will give you more information about possible career paths.

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