"By using the Pinsight tool, I have had to change my mind about assessment and development centres. All too often, such potential assessments are limited to characterising an employee by a certain category or colour, but people are much more than that and Pinsight takes that into account. That’s why Nissan now uses Pinsight, an assessment tool for potential assessment and development centres, which is appreciated by both managers and employees,” says Ruud van Etteger, Senior HR Business Partner at Nissan Benelux. " />

Pinsight, Nissan’s preferred employee evaluation tool

01 March 2021

How do you measure productivity and sales potential in a scientifically based way?

Nissan was looking for a tool to measure the productivity and potential of its salespeople. The car company has been working with CPM for some time now and appreciates that CPM’s consultants have psychology training. “The fact that CPM suggested we use the Pinsight tool gave us confidence,” admits Ruud van Etteger. “And that confidence only increased after Nissan actually started using the Pinsight tool. Today, all new salespeople at Nissan must pass a Pinsight Sales test. The results of this assessment have a great added value,” concludes Ruud Van Etteger.

Pinsight as a tool for measuring and developing competences

Ruud van Etteger continues, “It is important to us that people find a job at Nissan, but that they can also have a career there. The job they have been hired for will undoubtedly change over the years. Our colleagues in the field, for example, used to be salespeople, but our dealers needed consultants and business partners. So Nissan wanted to see how we could develop these salespeople to meet the demands of the dealers. For us, Pinsight® is primarily a basic indicator of our employees’ competences. The report that Pinsight delivers gives a very realistic picture of a person’s skills and development potential. It’s a very good guide to assist the employee in their development.”

Pinsight as an indicator of strengths and areas for development

Of course, people react differently to the prospect of a test, but Pinsight was seen as positive by Nissan staff for several reasons. Firstly, every employee can take the test in the language of their choosing (Nissan Benelux employs both Dutch and French speakers). Afterwards, each employee receives individual and personalised feedback; moreover, each employee can consult their report directly by clicking a simple link. According to Ruud van Etteger, the graphic presentation of the results is also useful because it quickly gives you an overview of which competences have already been acquired, which ones need to be improved, and how much time is needed to do so. “As a company, we also learned a lot from the results of the Pinsight assessments that our employees went through,” continues Ruud van Etteger. “For example, we found that our employees scored lower on a ‘sense of urgency’. We started working on this immediately after seeing it because, after all, the sum total of our people’s competencies gives us a good indication of our competence as a company.” 

According to Ruud van Etteger, a multilingual online assessment & development tool is really an “innovation that excites”. “Nissan is a company that is focused on innovation. That’s why Nissan has been developing ever-smarter cars, like the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, for example, or the Nissan Juke, which combines style, driving pleasure, and advanced technology. It is also important that employees are aligned with the culture of the company, which is why Nissan uses Pinsight. Of course, this tool’s approach and technology are perfectly in line with our culture of innovation.”

Nissan is one of the youngest non-European car brands in Europe, but the company employs over 16,000 people on the Old Continent in design, research and development, production, logistics, sales, and marketing. The Nissan plants in Great Britain, Spain, and Russia produced approximately 465,000 vehicles in 2019. Nissan is also committed to building non-polluting vehicles and aims for zero road fatalities. Nissan’s vision on Intelligent Mobility has been developed as a guideline for the products and technologies needed. This vision defines the essential business decisions made by the company concerning propulsion, control, and integration.


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