Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and/or complaints

We aim for a transparent, long-term partnership with every customer. This naturally implies an open complaints policy and paying the necessary attention to feedback.
If you have a complaint or feedback, please complete this form and send it to our Managing Director, who will be sure to look into it.

In this case, the following standard procedure will automatically be initiated: 
  • After receiving your complaint, you will get an automatic confirmation: your complaint will be followed up.
  • Within two days after receipt, you will get feedback concerning your complaint with possible solutions: if necessary, corrective and/or preventative actions will be taken.
  • CPM will record the analysis of the complaint and its solution.
  • After your complaint has been examined, the Account Manager will initiate an internal and external follow-up procedure (in cooperation with you).
  • The Managing Director will contact you for a final evaluation.
Please fill in this form as completely as possible so that we can quickly and efficiently settle your complaint.

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