The Qfor quality label

The QFor quality label

CPM has been the proud holder of the Qfor Label for many years in a row. This is valuable recognition for us from our customers, given that the quality certificate is granted to us after a thorough survey (Qfor ClientScan). Qfor contacts random customers and asks them about our vision, activities, and service provision. Some of the results of the Qfor ClientScan showed:
  • that we clearly communicate what we are offering;
  • that we always make the different projects to ideally suit the customer;
  • that we communicate well about this;
  • that not only are agreements clear, they are also systematically and correctly followed up;
  • that we are transparent about what we do and what it costs;
  • that the price to quality ratio is balanced;
  • that we delegate tasks based on experience and an affinity for the customer;
  • that we regularly assess customer satisfaction;
  • that we are only satisfied if the customer is satisfied;
  • etc.

Customers put it like this (Qfor is anonymous):
  • “We knew what to expect straight from the start of the project."
  • “They use examples to explain why they are offering a certain piece of advice."
  • "CPM isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it is a people business. For me, the long-term relationship with the dedicated point of contact is important, and CPM provides that."
  • "Their consultants are experts in their methodology. I also like that they stick with the organisation for a long time, making long-term relationships possible."

For more info about Qfor, click here.

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