CPM considers recruitment to be successful when both the company and the employee are enriched by the professional commitment they are making.

Full Fit

Do you have vacancies to fill, but don’t have the time or expertise to bring that process to a successful conclusion?  CPM can take over for you.

Filling vacancies in all transparency and commitment is the foundation of our Full Fit service. No discussions afterwards, no doubts, no waste of time.

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The white raven and the right nest
Each person is unique. And so is each company. Finding the right fit starts with seeing and being seen.
How does it work?
CPM constantly observes and activates the market for talent and companies. That’s what makes CPM so indispensable as an intermediary.


Value matching via Careerfit

Career coaching that’s true to your values
HR today: when outlining the next step in a person’s career, you must take that person’s values into account, as well as whether or not the company shares these values.
How does it work?
CPM’s unique career coaching tool, Careerfit, takes both competences and values to heart. And that is a serious foundation for sustainable recruiting.


International recruitment and selection 

High-level recruiting
CPM recruits very specific profiles, taking into account business context and company culture. Reeling in top profiles requires an active, focused search and, in some cases, looking beyond national borders. CPM has the experience, reputation and international network to accomplish exactly that. Reliable and discreet, we do everything within our power to convince the right candidate to climb aboard. Much to the satisfaction of both our clients and the candidates in question.


Do you need help recruiting talent?
Contact us and we’ll brainstorm with you to see what CPM can do for you.


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