Executive search

CPM helps you attract elite profiles to your international locations.

Are you looking for elite profiles for your senior management or middle management, or perhaps you need experts in specific domains? These aren’t ten-a-penny candidates; they require an active, targeted approach and may even be outside of Belgium.

Available international network

CPM has everything in-house to help you with your executive search, thanks to our CFR membership, which gives us access to their alliance of independent search agencies all around the world for:

  • a strong anchor point in an international network of Executive Search agencies that instils confidence in the type of candidates that you want to attract
  • access to local specialists with knowledge and years of experience in a wide variety of market segments
  • a single point of contact that assists you throughout the entire process
Naturally, we will always take your corporate context and culture into account during our search for the ideal match.

Specialist recruiters in numerous sectors

CPM can rely on many ‘specialist recruiters’, i.e. experts that focus on a specific sector and keep their finger on its pulse. This way, they can use their exceptionally detailed knowledge of the inner workings of a specific sector to detect talent who not only satisfy the profile but who will make an actual contribution to your organisation’s continued development.
Whether you’re wanting to attract elite talent within Financial Services, IT and Digital, or Construction and Infrastructure: CPM’s ‘specialist recruiters’ know their stuff. For example, among other things, CPM can rely on no less than 40 years of experience in recruiting and selecting management and executive profiles for the food and agricultural sector, both locally and internationally.

Our ‘direct search’ approach

Our recruiters are especially accomplished at ‘active sourcing’, i.e. the ‘direct search’. By directly approaching candidates, our recruiters can:

  • activate and motivate candidates who are latently prepared to change
  • personally approach candidates, which is greatly appreciated
  • act with the necessary discretion
  • develop a personalised, detailed integration process within the structures of your company

In addition, they will advise you throughout the entire process, from intake to onboarding, and offer active support (for both your company and the candidate) for up to a year after the recruitment.

Do you need an elite profile for your senior management or middle management, or perhaps you need an expert in a specific domain? We can help you.


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