Full Fit

The 100% vacancy service that takes all your cares away. 

Do you have vacancies to fill, but don’t have the time or expertise to bring that process to a successful conclusion?  CPM can take over for you.

The 100% vacancy service that takes all your cares away

Filling vacancies in all transparency and commitment is the foundation of our Full Fit service. No discussions afterwards, no doubts, no waste of time.


Here is our offer

  • You let us know which vacancy/vacancies you wish to fill.
  • We will provide you with a detailed simulation: a clear overview of all steps of the process that will lead to the filling of the vacancy/vacancies, with an estimate of the hours and the hourly rate for each step. No surprises.
  • You decide which of the steps you want to take and which you want to let us take care of.
  • We – you and CPM – sign a mutual commitment to this.
  • The steps that CPM is responsible for are carried out for you in complete transparency.
  • We will provide you with a fully reasoned assessment of each candidate and a clear ranking of all candidates. We use our expertise as business psychologists and the supporting platform RQRY.

RQRY, the latest HR technology

RQRY - pronounced [requiry] - is the latest supporting platform for recruiters that focuses and objectifies the entire search and selection process, from a well-thought-out and clearly defined profile to the final decision. RQRY represents a gain in efficiency and effectiveness, right from the first vacancy and even more so for any subsequent vacancies because RQRY works like artificial intelligence (AI), getting smarter with every piece of information entered.
CPM is an authorised RQRY user.


The process, from vacancy to hiring

Step 1: Focusing the vacancy
Step 2: Writing the text of the vacancy
Step 3: Processing the CVs, assessing the applicants – analytically, objectively, and substantiated!
Step 4: A candidate’s report gives a definitive answer about the relevance of a second round or interview and, ultimately, the recruitment. The report is also valuable feedback for those who don’t get selected, which will only benefit your employer brand.


Results for you

You no longer need to worry about vacancies. Because Full Fit is full service; our fast, objective, and well-founded approach to vacancies. We get HR and the business involved and we make sure that everyone is on the same page concerning the vacancy, and that there are clear indicators and measuring points.

Our shared ambition is to
  • find the right candidate for you,
  • help the candidate find the right job,
  • leave a positive impression about your company on candidates who didn’t get selected.

Job openings? Go for carefree: get in touch with us and discover our complete service.


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