Selection & Assessment

Screen a job candidate. Or measure the added value of your employees. At any stage of the recruitment procedure or promotion process. In-house, or remotely.

Looking for an assessment tailored to your organisation? We offer a unique solution.

No uniform or impersonal standard tests, but an assessment that accurately measures what you want to measure in the way that you have in mind and in line with the focus and strategy of your company.

Assessments: what do they give you?

Assessment developed into an important HR tool for a very good reason. Here are some advantages at a glance:
  • Independent advice
  • A well-founded basis for HR decisions
  • Objective profile outline based on measured behaviour
  • Recommendations regarding recruitment policy, growth opportunities and development
  • The ability to put balanced teams together

But since organisations are constantly developing, the assessment is also constantly evolving. Our specialists develop theoretically supported assessment exercises that measure what you want to know: which talents are currently thriving in your company, and which of your employees will excell tomorrow?


Assessment tailored to your needs

This means that you don’t necessarily have to entrust the assessment to an external agency. With the support of our consultants, you can also conduct them in-house, or even remotely – to screen talent abroad, for example. For the latter, we can provide you with an online assessment tool.


Pinsight, the online assessment tool

Pinsight™ is an online tool designed to help you screen talent strategically. The tool is multilingual, realistic and objective. The feedback from participants is positive: “a surprisingly pleasant experience.”

Read here how Pinsight™ works exactly

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