Pinsight® is a web-based tool that allows you to screen talent. Multilingual, realistic, and objective. Participants have said it was a positive, and surprisingly pleasant experience.

  • Simple, accurate, efficient administration
  • Live simulation - instead of yet another multiple-choice test
  • Objective, and free of corporate politics or preconceived notions
  • Scientifically founded
  • Only takes a short amount of time. Results within 24 hours.
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The benefits of Pinsight®

  • Get insight into the extent that your leadership and sales talents are ready to be used in achieving strategic and commercial goals.

  • Promote the right people to the right, critical positions.

  • Pinsight is more accurate than traditional interviews. Your recruits will gain your full trust based on these accurate insights.

  • Offer high potentials exciting prospects. Let their passion and ambition shine within your company.

  • 83% of participants assessed Pinsight as being more positive than other assessments promise to be...

  • 91% of participants performed better than they had six months before.  

  • 84% of participants found Pinsight to be realistic and stimulating.

  • Less expensive than 1:1 assessments

Optimise your existing programme or develop a new one.

Pinsight® simulations are suitable for every leadership development and succession planning programme. They are powerful, stand-alone tools or can be added as part of a larger programme. With one press of a button, you start up the ‘A day in the life of...’ simulations, which can take place anywhere in the world in practically any language.

  • STEP 1


    The participant sets aside a 3-hour period once they receive the email invitation.
  • STEP 2


    The participant studies the case.
  • STEP 3


    The participant manages a fictitious company, and roleplays with real actors via webcam, and sends and receives emails.
  • STEP 4

    Talent review

    Together with the board, actual and potential leadership will be assessed, high potentials detected, and decisions on follow-up facilitated.
  • STEP 5


    After the simulation, the participant will receive personalised feedback in an interactive online report.
  • STEP 6

    On-the-job usage

    The participant gets 5-minute exercises to practise with every day.

We offer further coaching and active learning programmes as a follow-up to the simulations. Contact us for more information.


Customer Pinsight® testimonials

Guy Mermans

Smurfit Kappa Van Mierlo Offset Packaging

Luc Vandenbroucke

Vandenbroucke Solutions bvba

Veerle Doornaert

Siemens NV

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