Strategic consultancy

CPM turns Human Resources Management (HRM) into a strategic tool for achieving your ambitions.

HR advice

The strategy: from plan to reality

A strategic plan is an outline of your company’s corporate objectives. Whether or not that plan becomes a reality depends on the employees since they are the crucial link.

How does it work?

CPM gives you a new perspective of the employees-structures-processes triangle and lets you adjust it. This makes your organisation future-fit. Ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Eager for the opportunities waiting just around the corner.


HR management

Coping abilities in own HR housekeeping

Your people are your pawns; your strategy is to move them into the very best positions. But what assets do you have in-house? And when and where should you utilise them?

How does it work?

CPM provides the tools that your management and employees will use to set up a properly functioning HR housekeeping system. After which HR won’t be an expensive cost; rather it will be an incredibly valuable asset.


George Management

An enthusiastic team is worth its weight in gold

Turn every member of your team into a motivated team player and you’ll have a motivated, sustainable team that can be utilised anywhere and gets results.

How does it work?

Using the George Management Program, CPM turns your work floor into an organisation of eager employees, which results in increased corporate results.


Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® is a problem-solving methodology that is – as the name says – playfully serious. With Lego® Serious Play®, everyone contributes to a better business.

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