GEORGE Management

The method for going from an unhappy employee to a motivated team player

We’d like to introduce you to: GEORGE. Every organisation has different ‘GEORGEs’ among its staff. CPM distinguishes different profiles, the three extremes of which are defined as the ‘Eager George’, the ‘Happy George’, and the ‘Grumpy George’. We turn every ‘Grumpy George’ into a ‘Eager George’. 
CPM creates the very best working conditions and encourages the right attitudes and motivation in each employee to help that person blossom to the fullest in the job context. Only then can we speak of a successful ‘fit’ at an individual and company level.
CPM’s GEORGE Management is a methodology developed in-house that will enable you to identify the problem areas and set out targeted actions.
GEORGE Management focuses on:
  • an energetic environment and corporate culture
  • good relations between happy colleagues
  • clear job descriptions and work structures
  • motivational training and coaching
  • efficient communication
The goal: to highly motivate your employees in an optimised working environment so that your corporate results are at least safeguarded, if not increased.

Do you want eager employees working for you?


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