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HR management

Competence management

We provide you and your managers with the core information to make informed decisions about putting the right employee in the right place at every level of your organisation.

The combination of expertise and a good understanding of your company makes it possible for CPM to help determine the core competences that your company will need to achieve its corporate objectives. 

We will then teach your management team how to combine the required competences and related behavioural indicators in a simple, feasible, and practical model per level or job group. We then link this competence model to your existing HR processes or those that still need to be set up.

Performance management

We will provide you and your managers with the tools to clearly communicate the direction in which you want everyone to go together, to see if things are going well, and to adjust where necessary.

Performance management is a means to bring your business plans to life at every level of your company. We will teach you how to translate the corporate objectives very specifically for every employee right up to the process level. We will provide performance assessment tools for this as well. 
CPM teaches your executives how to conduct constructive dialogue, provide useful feedback, and clearly state the expectations.

Are you looking for tools to clarify your ambitions, follow up on your progress, and adjust where necessary?


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