Betafence opts for global HR objectivity

Betafence opts for global HR objectivity
Betafence has its roots in Bekaert Fencing, and is growing around the world via acquisitions of smaller factories active in physical security of sites ranging from high-risk entities to private locations. Steven op ‘t Roodt, Group HR Manager at Betafence: “Because the foundation upon which we build is varied and widely distributed, we need a ‘Betafence green theme’ throughout our entire HR policy to create a communal strategy.”
The Betafence Group is one of the companies using Pinsight®.
Pinsight® instead of intuition
Where HR has long remained a discipline that gave precedence to intuition, objectivity and the added value of well-supported HR is gradually gaining ground. Johan Lauwers, Managing Consultant at CPM: “We felt the need for modernised, objective development and assessment tools coming from every direction. Based on this reasoning, we were actively involved in the development of Pinsight®. Pinsight® is a really great example of a sophisticated, online HR tool that uses smart technology. Our hypothesis that a well-supported approach creates trust was confirmed and that is important.”
Enthusiastic participants
Pinsight® is a standardised, uniform assessment tool that provides internationally active companies, such as Betafence, with a single HR benchmark to use throughout the entire organisation. Steven op ‘t Roodt: “This means we can provide well-founded local recommendations on both recruitment and promotion because we now know which capacities we do and don’t have in that particular group.”
Participants in a Pinsight® assessment always remark on the high face validity of it; they appreciate the platform’s level of reality. Steven op ‘t Roodt: “Pinsight® provided the participants with realistic work experience over the course of three hours, upon which various exercises are based. People sit at their desk, behind their computers, on their telephones, etc. during the assessment. This makes them incredibly enthusiastic, precisely due to the true-to-life context. The organisation and outcome are very recognisable. Pinsight® is the perfect tool for those looking to work on their self-development.”
Relevant information on every plant
A tool in which you can change the language with just one click, where all the results are saved in the cloud, which means that the information is accessible wherever it’s needed, and nothing is lost... it seems only logical; a logical evolution in technically prosperous times, but which is still reasonably revolutionary in the HR world.
Johan Lauwers: “Pinsight® offers the option to start from the business strategies. The program generates a clear, understandable report, as well as a coherent overview of the development needs and recommendations.”
Steven op ‘t Roodt: “In a group like Betafence, the local HRMs all have the same relevant information thanks to Pinsight®. After all, a well-supported HR policy doesn’t always come naturally, definitely in smaller factories. This gives the local HRMs an unambiguous and orderly basis on which to make their decisions.”
Pinsight®, an example of the new generation of HR software, is fast and flexible, adjectives that have been synonymous with many processes within companies for a long time already. Now they’re also gradually relating more to HRM.
“Thanks to Pinsight®, the candidate gets the results almost immediately, within 48 hours at the most. And the company benefits if everything is done online.”
Luc Vandenbroucke Vandenbroucke Solutions bvba
“Pinsight lets me see the link between the organisation’s strategy and how you can include the organisation’s people in this development.”
Guy Mermans Smurfit Kappa Van Mierlo Offset Packaging
“Pinsight lets me see the standardisation possibilities across borders. Working in the virtual environment is the future.”
Veerle Doornaert Siemens nv

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