What does JCDecaux think of Pinsight? Testimonials from Nathalie Baert and Nicolas De Laet

31 March 2021

JCDecaux uses the Pinsight assessment tool to recruit sales profiles.

Testimonial from Nathalie Baert, HR Business Partner JCDecaux

Why is JCDecaux using the Pinsight tool?

According to Nathalie Baert, “Those of us in the HR Department at JCDecaux are focused on innovation and digitalisation. So these aspects certainly played a role in our search for and eventual choice of a selection tool. We wanted to invest in a solution that would allow for an objective evaluation of candidates for the same job and preferably be comfortable for those candidates to use. And Pinsight fulfilled those requirements.
Pinsight is a comprehensive tool that includes a personality questionnaire, a logical reasoning test, and one or more simulations of work situations. The answers to the personality questionnaire and the logical reasoning test are evaluated in relation to a target population. The scoring of the simulation exercise is done by a trained assessor, who is also a Pinsight specialist. All reported results are presented in a standardised manner. This fulfils our requirement for objectivity and makes it easier to compare candidates based on the same criteria. Thanks to the digital dimension, the candidate can take the Pinsight test at home at a time that suits them. This aspect is quite important, given the social distancing measures in place right now.

I have highly recommended CPM to JCDecaux for the use of Pinsight. A few years ago, I myself worked at CPM. So I am familiar with their culture of excellence, which is in line with that of JCDecaux. Jean-Claude Decaux always used to say, ‘Anything worth doing deserves to be done well’.”

Where do you see the difference between the Pinsight tool and a ‘traditional’ assessment?

Nathalie Baert explains, “It’s more pleasant for the candidate; there are multiple assessment elements through different channels (personality questionnaire, reasoning test, and simulation(s)) and the interpretation thereof combines all the evaluated elements; it’s shorter (2-3 hours here) than a traditional assessment that often takes a whole day; and there’s greater objectivity.

All components of the assessment are in the same system and the results can be interpreted with one click in the language of your choosing. Candidates who have participated in a Pinsight test have been positively surprised by the quality of the exercises and of the interpretation of the assessed competences. The report that Pinsight delivers is also an excellent basis for setting up a development plan, and thus for helping the employee grow. Employees are also responsible for their own development, and in that sense, the Pinsight app, which we will activate in February, will help them to update their competences themselves, with support from HR and their manager.”

Do you have any ideas on how to improve the Pinsight experience?

Nathalie Baert notes, “The report is easy to read with a short explanation from CPM. The results are thus communicated directly to the candidates by the HR officer. Sometimes candidates ask for an explanation of the score assigned to a competence tested during the simulation. Currently, the only person who can answer this is the assessor who went through the exercise with the candidate. If Pinsight could also integrate this kind of information into the report, the customer could take more ownership. But this type of information isn’t lost. The candidate can always request a personal interview with a CPM consultant, who can provide further clarification.”

Testimonial from Nicolas De Laet, former candidate and current Key Account Manager at JCDecaux

Nicolas De Laet applied for the position of Key Account Manager at JCDecaux in 2020. JCDecaux worked on filling this position together with CPM and Nicolas was one of the first candidates to be asked to take a Pinsight test before taking up the position.

Did you know what to expect when you started the Pinsight test?

Nicolas De Laet remarks, “I was very well informed and prepared. Maurice Gorissen, the CPM consultant, first contacted me to give me some more information about the course of the assessment, after which I was given access to the Pinsight platform to familiarise myself with the tool. Maurice had advised me to practise before the assessment, and that proved to be valuable advice. The preparation is useful and doesn’t take much time, since the use of the tool is quite intuitive.”

How was the assessment itself?

Nicolas De Laet continues, “It was a short but quite intense session. First, I underwent the classic tests, such as a reasoning test and a personality questionnaire, but then I was immersed in a very realistic work simulation for two hours. You are given tasks just like in a ‘real’ work context and have to set the correct priorities. I had to compile a list of prospects based on a CRM, prepare a sales pitch, and then conduct it with the prospect via a video call while receiving urgent emails from customers and colleagues. Among other things, I received an email from a colleague about the conversation with the prospect, fifteen minutes before it started. The exercise was quite intense, so it took me a little while to recover after the test was complete. I had done an assessment before, but Pinsight is more comprehensive and interesting.”

Did you learn anything from the results of the Pinsight test?

Nicolas De Laet comments, “Yes, definitely. Most of the feedback I received corresponded to my expectations, even though the image you have of yourself does not always correspond to the image others have of you. I very much appreciated the fact that the Pinsight results were not only part of the selection process, but also served as a starting point for drawing up a personal development plan with my new employer.”
Do you consider it an advantage to be able to take the test online from home?
Nicolas De Laet explains, “I took the Pinsight test in May 2020 during the first lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak. The fact that the test could be taken online was certainly an advantage given the circumstances, but it’s always advantageous to take a test online because you don’t have to travel. To be honest, it makes no difference to me whether I have to travel or can do the tests online, but it’s definitely an advantage and everything went well, technically speaking, too.”

Do you have any ideas on how to improve the Pinsight experience?

Nicolas De Laet notes, “The results were communicated to me by my employer, but I would have found it even more interesting to receive another round of feedback from the consultant who conducted the test, i.e. Maurice. He was the one who had explained the course of the Pinsight assessment to me and it was he who took part in the role plays. Getting feedback from him would have been of great value. After all, it’s the CPM consultants who analyse the results. I would have liked to be able to compare my answers with the correct ones for some of the tests, especially the reasoning test; a bit like reviewing an exam. In any case, I found Pinsight to be an interesting, practical, and comprehensive assessment tool.”

JCDecaux is a French family business founded in 1964. The company’s mission is to create furniture and services that make the city more pleasant, welcoming, and safer. JCDecaux is the world leader in street furniture and the second largest outdoor advertising company in the world. Today, JCDecaux is present in over 80 countries around the world. JCDecaux BeLux employs 250 people.



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