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HR decision making

Biases and small things with big IMPACT

Biases and small things with big IMPACT

When: Thursday, April 26
Where: Crown Plaza Brussels Airport – Leonardo Da Vincilaan 4 – 1831 Diegem

  • 3.30 PM - Welcome
  • 4.00 PM - Martin Lanik – “Diamonds in the Rough: Eliminate Bias in Talent Decisions”
  • 5.00 PM - Bernie Caessens – “How small differences in people can lead to big business effects”
  • 6.00 PM - Networking event
Martin Lanik: “Wrong people in leadership positions? Investing in the wrong high-potentials? How do you know? Decades of research in psychology shows that biases are very common in corporate and talent decision-making. We all fall prey to these biases. But there is hope – learn what biases impact your decisions and how you can avoid them.”

Martin Lanik, Ph.D., author of “The Leader Habit” is the CEO of Pinsight, a global leadership software-as-service company known for its disruptive HR technology. His leadership programs have been implemented by more than 100 companies – including AIG and CenturyLink – and have received awards from Chief Learning Officer and Brandon Hall.
Bernie Caessens: “Have you heard of the butterfly effect? The metaphorical story, attributed to Edward Lorenz, that states that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in China can influence the weather in Texas. What if that same story holds for people’s behavior in your business? Ever thought about how small and seemingly innocent behavior can make the difference between perish or flourish? In this talk, I will guide you through some of the most striking examples of small things making a big impact, and will explain what you as a leader can do to stay ahead of the game.”
Bernie Caessens, a Doctor of Psychology and CEO of Resolved, is a specialist in making the link between human behaviour and corporate results measurable and tangible. At Resolved, he assists companies in terms of HR Analytics, always basing himself on their strategic objectives. Resolved also develops new technological tools, which are based on scientific evidence, to support HR processes.

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